STEPPING UP: Consecration Sunday

Sunday, November 6th in worship, we will have the opportunity to carry our pledges forward during communion and place them in a basket. I understand that some people will have already turned their actual pledge form into the office, but there will be consecration forms in the bulletin to use for the act of consecration. Consecrating our pledges should not be taken lightly, or thought of as insignificant. 
We should take great joy in being able to consecrate our pledges. The act of consecration helps us say three things very clearly. First, we are able to say thank you to God who has provided for us. (No, actually it is not all of our own doing that we have been blessed with gifts allowing us to make a living for ourselves.) Secondly, it is a way for us to recognize the gifts each of us possess and offer to share those gifts with others. Lastly, it is a way to offer whatever we can give, large or small, to be blessed and made holy in furthering God's work in the world. 
Some of us will be able to give more than others. No amount is too small. The amount in totality is important, because every pledge moves us closer to our goals. 
The Board of Stewardship, and a special ad hoc group for the campaign, has done a tremendous job of telling us the needs of the church. But more importantly, they have offered us many ways to support the STEPPING UP campaign. If you have not yet made your pledge to the church, consider the five ways to contribute toward the goals of the campaign, which increases our giving by 30%:
          1) If you have not ever pledged, consider starting THIS year.
          2) Increase your pledge. Consider tithing, or working towards a tithe 
          3) Start using SCRIP for your already budgeted purchases, especially as the holidays approach.
          4) Continue your monthly Reach and Renew contribution.
          5) Bring the loose change on your dresser (or other places) to put in the offering plate.
Let's make this Sunday, Consecration Sunday, a day to CELEBRATE! Let's come forward with excitement and happiness to be able to dedicate our gifts to God, and by extension, the community!

~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 11:09 am in Featured Content.

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