The staff first met on July 27th to choose a theme for Advent this year. The theme chosen was Peace. During the initial meeting we set the text that would be the foundation for both the preaching series and the liturgical art project. The common text is Isaiah 9:2-7. Although the Isaiah text was the sole text used for the liturgical art project, each Sunday will be supplemented with additional texts chosen by the individual clergy.
For the preaching series, we have chosen to use a few of the principles of Parker Palmer's Healing the Heart of Democracy workshops that were held several years ago. Contrary to popular belief, peace is not always quiet, nor is it without tension. We hope to address how we might be able to continue work toward peace, in the midst of obstacles. How do we do the work of peace with our eyes wide open? If peace were easy, we wouldn't need to work anymore. The work would have been completed many years ago - maybe even two thousand years ago. Travel through the Advent season with us as we contemplate why people in Biblical times desired peace, how Biblical peace differs/or not, from the peace desired today, and how we respond to obstacles for peace today. 
There are many opportunities to immerse oneself in Advent at First Congregational. Please see a complete list of offerings below and plan to engage with the community! Don't forget we will be singing Christmas carols fifteen minutes before worship every Sunday, and plan to be in worship to get all of the clues for What's in the Box?

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm in Featured Content.

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