Who is My Neighbor?

This morning I was driving my son to school. As we approached one of the exits/entrances on Stoughton Road, I could see an ambulance with lights coming up the entrance ramp. Cars were racing ahead in the left lane, beyond the posted speed limit. I began to slow down because the ambulance would be entering the right lane. The ambulance entered the lane several cars in front of me, but no one was moving to the right. I could see the lights and hear the siren, but no one was moving over. The ambulance had to go out of the way to adjust to traffic that was not cooperating. The few cars that did move over quickly re-entered the traffic behind the ambulance wanting to take advantage of getting ahead of the rest of the traffic. The question that came to my mind was, "Who are we thinking of, when it is more important for US to get where WE need to go as fast as we can?" It was far more important for the ambulance to reach their destination in a timely fashion than it was for others to be a minute or two later than planned. A minute or two really could make a difference in a life or death situation!
So we ask, "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus' response is to tell the story of the Good Samaritan to answer the question. But the answer really is: my neighbor is ANYONE that I can offer a helping hand to, or accept a helping hand from. Something so simple as to pull over to the side of the road to let a neighbor pass to help another neighbor could be the difference. A one minute delay in our arrival time could be a one minute gift of life. 
Every day we have multiple opportunities to be a neighbor. In our fast paced world, we often forget to look beyond our own immediate needs. This brief encounter for me this morning, reminds me of how intimately we are connected to everyone. For this experience to follow our workshop Deconstructing Racism this weekend seemed to point to ways we can look around us, see everyone as a neighbor, and make a difference. Take time today to slow down, look around and see how you can be a neighbor, or how you can accept the hand of your neighbor. 
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on May 3, 2016 at 10:02 am in Featured Content.

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