Vision & New Members

We are between two exciting Sundays in the life of the church. This last Sunday we celebrated ten people joining the church. The new members felt First Cong was a "good fit" for them in their spiritual journey and their desire to be part of a community that "walked their talk" concerning issues of social justice. We welcome Emily & Roger Brooks, Kristopher Breister, Cindy Graham, Cassandra Kight, Lawren & Jeremy Lange (Christopher & Lily), Diane Paoni, Stephanie Turner, and Marcia Wirt into membership at First Cong. 
This next Sunday, we will hold the Annual Meeting of First Congregational UCC after Worship. We will address several items that will affect the vision and future of the church. The agenda includes the election of board members, and voting on the best way to fund the ongoing needs of the building. These two items will be key to the continued vitality and energy of the church and community. I hope you will take the time to read the letter from the Executive Council that was emailed/mailed to members Monday. The letter outlines the needs and possible funding sources to be voted on by the congregation on Sunday. I hope you plan to attend the Congregational meeting on Sunday, as we navigate the exciting waters, and live into a vision for First Cong! 
          God, on this Pentecost -
          remind us of the fruit of the Spirit,
          for we are trying to put forth 
          the buds of the church.
          Lift us with the wings of the Spirit,
          for we must rise above sorrow
          on bent feathers and hope.
          Confuse us
          with how many languages
          the Spirit speaks,
          so we may listen to our neighbors.
                     Maren Tirabassi
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 10:48 am in Featured Content.

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