Church Camp Testimonies

Members of First Cong are blessed to have the Church Camp opportunities offered by the Wisconsin Conference. Pilgrim Center on Green Lake near Ripon, and Moon Beach near Eagle River, both offer inspirational outdoor ministry environments. First Cong offers $100 Camperships to all members who attend! Contact Jeff Rabe for more information. 
For the next several weeks, First Cong members who have experienced what these camps have to offer will be offering Church Camp Tower Testimonies. Check out the Camp Website at:
Awesome Church Camp by Merlie Veit and Minna Ketcham
It can be scary, but once you get there, they make you feel at home. It is also really nice that if you are friends with someone else who is going at the same time, you can be in the same cabin. First thing you do when you get there is take a swim test. It's really fun because you get a colored band that tells where you can swim. You can even jump off the docks if you score high enough on the test. We loved the food at camp, and we sang all the prayers before we ate. One night there was a lip sync battle and you create a dance to go with the song you choose with your group. There is also fitness before forks which is when you dance to a song outside before you eat. You also do a music video with your group. We also played a tag game with campers against counselors. There is also a camp nurse who gives you your meds in the morning or afternoon if you need them. We have free time every day where you can take a nap, go swimming, write letters or read. There is also rest time. If you miss your family, the counselors will comfort you. In art, you make cool art master pieces and tie dye a shirt or other white item that you brought. There is also an art gallery at the end and snack every evening.

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 12:18 pm in Featured.

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