Neighborhood Party Wrap-Up

A significant part of our mission at First Cong is to be a radically welcoming congregation. The annual Neighborhood Party is one way we further this mission. There were people present who are neighbors in the pews on Sunday, but have never eaten a meal together. There were generations present who are neighbors by birth. There were neighbors from the Regent area who came to enjoy a meal and meet with old or new friends. For those of you who like numbers, there were at least 15 neighbors from the Regent area who are not a regular part of our Sunday congregation. There were close to 100 who are neighbors in the pews on Sunday mornings. Our Boards provided great displays about our ministries. Check them out in the front entrance and around the church over the next few weeks. Many thanks to Anne Karch who led the crew of volunteers who made this great party happen!  

Posted on June 7, 2016 at 10:27 am in Featured.

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