Go Go Jonah!

A cast of children from First Congregational Church and Madison Christian Community will be presenting the musical GO GO JONAH! in worship this Sunday. The musical shares the story of Jonah's reluctance to follow God's summons to go to Nineveh. Knowing that he would probably not be greeted by the people of Nineveh with welcome arms, Jonah decides to head to the coastal town of Joppa to board a ship headed for Tarshish, which is about as far away from Nineveh as one could get in those days. Jonah soon learns that there is no where you can go that God isn't, a valuable lesson that is still very relevant today.
GO GO JONAH! is actually a revival, and the tenth Summer Musical at First Cong! Here is a list of past Musicals:
Through the Roof
Go Go Jonah
Halleluia Yippee Ki Ya
United We Stand
Soakin Up the Son (with Mary Metz)
The Promised Land
Down by the Creek Bank (with Petrovnia McIntosh)
We're All In the Same Boat Now
Join The Circle (with Mari McCarty)
Putting it all together:
The Summer Children's Musical actually begins in the cold of winter. Shortly after the Christmas Pageant has been shared, and the costumes stored away, plans begin to hatch for the Summer. Songs are gathered, the skills and talents of potential cast members are perused, and story lines begin to form. "Do we have someone who could play __________ this year?" "What would be a good part to bring __________ out of his/her shell this year?" "Someone donated a huge box of __________ which would be perfect for a story about _______ this year!" Music Director Donald DeBruin and Children and Youth CE Director Jeff Rabe work together to finalize songs and Jeff writes a script. As the school year comes to a close, songs from the Musical are introduced to the Sunday School students and kids begin signing up for the fun. A couple of weeks before rehearsals, the music and scripts are sent out to the cast. It takes ONE WEEK of rehearsals to put the show together! The cast gathers in the Sanctuary each night for an hour and a half long rehearsal to learn songs and choreography, while the stage crew is busy painting the set down in the Dining Room. Ever so slowly it all comes together for a final dress rehearsal on Saturday and the presentation in Worship on Sunday. Musical rehearsals are a little like giving birth... there's a lot of grunting and sweating, some yowling and a few tears... and everyone wonders if we will ever get this thing out... but, somehow, in the end....it works out... maybe not quite what we expected, but we still love and are so proud of the outcome.
Don't miss this year's outcome! 

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