A Church of "Firsts"

The United Church of Christ is a church of "firsts" 
and I wonder what our next "first" will be?
Cameron Trimble; CEO Center for Progressive Renewal
While all UCC congregations are autonomous, we are connected in covenant to our Southwest Association and the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC.  Our Conference Annual Meeting was held recently at Green Lake Conference Center.  Our ministers attended the meetings as well as lay delegates Paul Karch and Lyn MacGregor.  Our own Janet Pugh serves on the planning team that works all year to bring together a productive, educational and worship-filled three days.  Here are some of the highlights from the 2016 gathering:
Keynote addresses about the future Church by Cameron Trimble, Center for Progressive Renewal, who believes "the best days for Christianity are ahead of us."
Passing of a resolution to study (and work toward) becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Conference at Annual Meeting 2017.  Watch for more information coming from our Executive Council about this.
The passing of a 2017 balanced budget and full nomination slate.
Small group breakouts and workshops to learn and to share best practices, networks and resources.
Recognition of long-time Treasurer Rich Fluechtling and Board Chair Steve Hirby as they prepare to move on to other endeavors.
Celebration of the Campital Campaign success and announcement of our new UCCI Development Director, Glenn Svetnicka, as part of a strategy to ensure the camps' sustainability.
 I'm proud to be a part of a denomination that actively seeks to bring about "firsts" in the areas of justice and love as a response to our faith.  In the tradition of our ancestors, we still hold firm to the belief that "God's Word has yet more truth and light to break forth."
~ Ann Beaty

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 10:09 am in Featured Content.

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