All-Church Outdoor Weekend a Hit!

Thanks to all who joined the recent All-Church Outdoor Weekend at Lake Farm Park! Several families set up camp at the scenic group site on the shores of Lake Waubesa, while many more biked or drove to the site for a pot-luck picnic and camp fire vespers Saturday evening. The basswood trees were in full bloom and the woods alive with birdsong. Everyone brought their favorite lawn games, including disc golf, Kubb, Bags, and even Aqua Zooka water bazookas! There was time for quiet reading and reflection. Those who stayed late Saturday were treated to a colorful sunset and now-legendary roasted Peeps around the fire. Special thanks to Melissa Baumann, who chose the location and planned the lovely vespers service. It was a fantastic weekend with something for everyone.

Posted on June 21, 2016 at 9:49 am in Featured.

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