Jazz Worship Returns

Jazz Worship Returns
Jazz music is a language of the emotions.
Charles Mingus
Last summer we experimented with a Jazz Worship service. By popular demand, Jazz Worship is returning THIS summer! The worship is an informal service lasting about 30-40 minutes. (Even the ministers don't dress up!) The focus of worship is to experience the Holy through a different style of music and liturgy. There are a few familiar parts of liturgy, but there are some additions too. Each week, a member of the church will share a 5 Minute Faith Journey. Last year these proved to be a highlight. The people who shared last year found it fascinating to put their journey into words, and those of us at the service learned new insights into people we thought we knew so well. Communion will be offered each time we worship.
The jazz musical foundation will be led by Michael Butkus-Bomier on piano, and Don Hausch on trumpet. Michael has over 30 years of experience at jazz, blues, rock, pop, and classical performance, teaching, and composition. Michael has three decades of compositions published by J.W. Pepper. Don, by profession, is a professor at the Wisconsin School of Business, and the Academic Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration. But for fun and entertainment Don plays the trumpet. He is also a student of Michael. We look forward to them sharing the gift of music with us in worship.
Come and experience worship through the genre of jazz! The music opens up space for us to invite the Holy into our midst. Worship begins at 7:00pm in the Chapel, starting Thursday, July 21st. Come once and you will be hooked!
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on July 12, 2016 at 10:26 am in Featured Content.

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