Celebration of Ministry and Community

This last Sunday in Worship, we were able to celebrate the great work done for and by First Congregational. There were three celebrations during Worship. We celebrated the baptism of Clara Cochran, reminding us of the commitments we make each time we celebrate a baptism. We commit to being a community of love and support surrounding the baptized individual and family, with no conditions attached. A celebration of ministry and community! 
During Time With Children, the children and congregation blessed blankets that were made by the youth during the Martin Luther King Service Day at First Congregational on Monday, January 18th. The blankets will be used by families at Healing House, when that ministry begins. A celebration of ministry and community!
Finally, we celebrated the work done by Inspired Heights in repairing and repainting the balustrade and towers at First Congregational. Joining us in Worship was Tony Stratton, owner of Inspired Heights, Donell Hill, Chris Pearce, Jason Bryant and Eric Winters, workers from Inspired Heights, who worked on our project. The workers spoke movingly to the congregation about how working for Inspired Heights and placing their trust in God has transformed them and made them better individuals. The entire presentation can be heard at http://www.firstcongmadison.org/sermons/archive/sermon-january-24-2016. A video was shown, prepared by Inspired Heights, highlighting the transformation of the church. If you were not able to be with us in Worship, please take the time to watch this video. 
We give thanks for the financial gifts to make this project possible, for the gift of the ministry of Inspired Heights, for the gift of a beautiful exterior of the church, and for the gift of community!
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on January 26, 2016 at 11:16 am in Featured Content.

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