What Wondrous Love

We tend to talk about justice far more often in every community that's been in turmoil 
and we rarely talk about forgiveness and mercy.
Robert Enright
This coming Sunday, February 14, we enter into the season of Lent. The Lenten season marks a time when we examine Jesus' life, when we attempt to understand the people of the time, and Jesus' interaction with his disciples and the wider community. We are often amazed by Jesus' reactions to people of various parts of the community. Not that he didn't show anger and frustration at times, because he did; but his focus was always on love, and his willingness to forgive, not to hold grudges and to move forward. What lessons do we learn from Jesus about forgiveness? 
In this Lenten season, our preaching series, What Wondrous Love, will focus on forgiveness. Each week we will use scripture and outside resources to highlight different aspects of forgiveness, challenging ourselves to think more about what role forgiveness does or will play in our personal lives.
          Week 1: What Wondrous Love: Command of Forgiveness
          Week 2: What Wondrous Love: Gift of Forgiveness
          Week 3: What Wondrous Love: Forgiveness of Self
          Week 4: What Wondrous Love: Process of Forgiveness
          Week 5: What Wondrous Love: Consequences of Not Forgiving
          Week 6: What Wondrous Love: Unconditional Forgiveness
          Easter Sunday: What Wondrous Love
During each week we will also be introducing a cross. The different crosses were chosen to reflect a wide visual variety of crosses. We invite you to share a cross for the season with the church. The crosses will be displayed in front of the table in the Sanctuary, and be secured during the week.
Please join us on our travel through Lent. We hope it will stimulate thought, questions, and conversation. We talk about justice plenty. It's time to talk about forgiveness and mercy.
~ Eldonna Hazen

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