The Future of The Church

This last Sunday, the Children and Youth of the congregation lead the Worship service.  It was a committed group of Children and Youth who took the task of leading Worship seriously and provided a wonderful Worship experience for all of us.  At a time in the world when we often hear the phrases, "What is the world coming to?  What's wrong with the younger generation?  Kids don't have the same values as when I grew up," those of us in attendance participated in a meaningful service. The Children and Youth took their roles seriously, reminding us of the reality of the world (of which we are a part), followed with a word of hope. The reality of the world was presented in a Reader's Theatre, written by Mari McCarty. The theme of the Theatre was two churches (Yellow and Blue) competing for members and in theology. In the end, the churches found they had more in common than originally thought, and could work together well. The two churches found they could both continue their own identity (Yellow and Blue), AND work together as the Green church. A message not only Children and Youth need, but adults as well. These Children and Youth are the future of the church. Not just the future of OUR church, but the future of THE church. The future of the church is in good hands!


Posted on April 26, 2016 at 10:15 am in Featured Content.

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