"Faith in the Face of Empire" by Rev. Mitri Raheb

Event Date: 
Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 8:45am - 9:45am
Since 2004 our Association has had a partnership with Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. The pastor of that church, Rev. Mitri Raheb, is a respected theologian, speaker, and author; his latest book is titled Faith in the Face of Empire: the Bible through Palestinian Eyes. Rev. Bonnie Van Overbeke, is leading a book study on this book and a discussion on the issues it presents. Having traveled to Bethlehem several times, Bonnie has seen first hand the way Rev. Mitri's vision, based on his faith, has given hope and vitality to his community in the midst of the Israeli occupation. In the final session, May 15, 8:45am in the Fellowship Room, we will look at ways Rev. Mitri's theology offers promise to his community and to us. One book is available through the Church office, for $17. 

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