Who Are the Saints?

          Contrary to popular belief, it is not the New Orleans football team that is considered to be the Saints! As defined by Merriam-Webster, a saint is "a good and holy person and especially one who in the Christian church is declared to be worthy of special honor." Most of us have many saints in our lives. Saints present themselves as people who have played a significant role in our faith formation, understanding, or ongoing struggles of life. They may be parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, coaches, or any mentor in our life. 
          Please join us in Worship this week, as we bring the saints in our lives back to life. You may bring an item to share, a picture or item you keep to remember your saint; and/or by writing the name of the saint on one of the two cloths located at the front of the Sanctuary. You can write before Worship, or during Passing of the Peace. During the service this Sunday the cloths will be raised to the balcony. Please take this chance to remember people who have made a difference in your life, and share their influence with the whole community.

~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on October 27, 2015 at 9:16 am in Featured Content.

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