A Day of Celebration!

     What a grand Sunday we had celebrating the 175th Anniversary of First Congregational Church!  Our morning Worship featured a Reunion Choir, a challenge to work as hard, if not harder than our ancestors for social justice from Rev. Ron Buford, and celebrating communion with this year's first communion class.  The sermon will be available on the website in the very near future.  Assisting in leading Worship was Wisconsin Conference Minister Rev. Franz Rigert, and Associate Conference Minister for the Southwest Conference and former minister at First Congregational, Rev. Joanne Thomson.
     Following Worship, we gathered in the Dining Room for a tasty meal prepared by Patty Brunner. The program after the meal highlighted former clergy and staff, or members of their family.  Clergy representation included Jeanne Swan Garnett, daughter of, and Barb Garnett Folco, granddaughter of, Rev. Dr. Alfred Swan (1930-1965);  Allan Beatty and Janet Beatty Holler, son and daughter of Rev. Edward Beatty (1962-1974); Carol Grogan, sister-in-law of Rev. Wells Grogan (1976-1986) who brought greetings from Helen Grogan; Rev. Eleanor Scott Meyers (first woman to serve in a ministerial position 1981-1984); Rev. Joanne Thomson (1984-1989); Rev. Peter Fabian (1989-1990); and Rev. Ree Hale (who served as Interim two times).  Greetings were read from two clergy who were not able to attend; Rev. Paul Kittlaus (1992-1999) and wife Janet Vandevender, and Rev. Diana Shaw (1997-2004) and husband Ron.  Several former staff were in attendance also.
     After introductions and greetings we were treated to a wonderful video of highlights from the Sesquicentennial year. The video was edited and narrated by Mari McCarty.  Many thanks to Mari for the hours of work that went into producing this video treasure.  It was a reminder of all of the people who have done significant work in the congregation, including those who are no longer living. We certainly give thanks for their tireless work in the past. The video will have a permanent home in the archives of the church, but there will also be copies available to borrow should you be interested.
There were numerous historical documents on display which will be made available at other church gatherings for people to peruse or check out. One of the documents recently found was a copy of the January 1950 Wisconsin Journal, which included the article of the mortgage burning of the building where we currently reside. 
     Many thanks to the individuals who helped make the day a success. Special thanks to the "kitchen crew" who made the meal flawless. Those helping in the kitchen included Sarah Nordberg, Nancy Graf, Wendy Coleman, Elizabeth Armstrong, Monique and Diane Brockley-Drinkman, Dorothy Brown, Joan Shands, Sue Bogen, and Ayoti Simmse.  Tables were decorated by Mary Ellen Gerloff.  Many hands make for light work!  Thanks to everyone who provided support in any way for the event!

Posted on October 6, 2015 at 10:24 am in Featured Content.

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