Shaking the Family Tree!

Advent 2015 is upon us! November 29th marks the first Sunday in Advent. This year the staff has chosen the theme "Shaking the Family Tree!" for the preaching/study series. Our focus text is Matthew 1:1-17, which provides us a genealogy of Jesus. During the four weeks of Advent, and the Sunday following Advent, we will trace Jesus' ancestors and how their lives may have influenced Jesus' ministry. Although the genealogy is traced for fourteen generations, we will focus on four specific generations and speak to what was happening in their life and time. We will begin with Abraham. In the second week King David and Solomon will take center stage. The third week we find ourselves in the era of King Hezekiah. The fourth Sunday will bring Mary's ancestry into play. The final Sunday, the first Sunday after Christmas, will provide the opportunity to summarize how these former generations have shaped Jesus' ministry. In addition to the Matthew text, each preacher has chosen supplemental texts to help broaden the understanding of the era being highlighted. 
Many thanks to our very own Linda Hancock, who will be providing the bulletin cover artwork each week based on the theme. I think you will find it engaging and thought provoking. Thanks also to Janet Pugh who supplied the table cover fabric and Advent wreath banners. I hope everyone will look forward to the new word appearing each week. Thanks to the Deacons for the new Advent wreath and candles this year! Don't forget to come at 9:45 each Sunday in Advent for a 15 minute Christmas Carol sing!
~ Eldonna Hazen  

Posted on November 25, 2015 at 3:29 pm in Featured Content.

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