Living in the Light

In next week’s Tower we will unveil the Lenten worship series. There is a huge hint below, encouraging you to read a book by Barbara Brown Taylor. But until the series is revealed, and until you have the opportunity to read the book and hear some sermons, I want you to take some time to process “living in the light.”

We have now passed the longest night (December 21, 2014), the day that has the most amount of darkness. We are headed towards a season which offers us more light during the days. We have gone from eight hours and 59 minutes of light on December 21, to nine hours and 59 minutes of light today, February 2nd (Groundhog’s Day). In the last 35 days we have added another hour of light to our day. By June 21st of this year we will have increased to 15 hours and 22 minutes of light. What does light mean in your life? 

When I know someone is facing challenging times, I offer to light a candle for them. We encourage people to light candles in the prayer area of the Chapel. To many, including myself, the light from a candle offers some comfort. What comfort does light offer to you, if any?

The quote by James Thurber above says there are two kinds of light. How do you find that light illumines your life and how does it obscure? I would really like you to take this time, as our daily light is in transition, to be very intentional about examining what role light plays in your life. There are many people who need to sleep during the light hours of the day because their work is done at night. Does that mean they do not need the light, or it is not important to them? 

“Living in the Light” What does it mean to you?


~ Eldonna Hazen


Lenten series books available for loan in the church office. 


Posted on February 3, 2015 at 11:44 am in Featured Content.

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