Embracing Spiritual Awakening: Diana Butler Bass on the Dynamic of Experiential Faith

“An awakening is a period of sustained religious and spiritual transformation
that affects an entire culture.  Whereas a revival alters the worldview
of a single person, awakening alters the worldview of a culture.”
Diana Butler Bass
The Adult Education committee will be offering a five-session series this fall titled “Embracing Spiritual Awakening.”  The class will begin promptly at 8:45am and end by 9:45am. Best-selling author, speaker, scholar, and "cultural observer" Diana Butler Bass explores what Christianity may look like "beyond religion and beyond the church." In this engaging and provocative study, Diana leads a small group of diverse adults, young adults, and youth in a fascinating discussion of how, both culturally and spiritually, we are in the midst of another of history's "great awakenings."
Session Titles:
1. Waking Up  (September 21)
2. Believing     (September 28)
3. Behaving     (October 19)
4. Belonging    (October 26)
5. Awakening  (November 2)
The class will be facilitated by Diana Shaw and Eldonna Hazen. We will be utilizing the DVD provided with the workbook and then provide a safe space and time to respond to what has been heard in the DVD. The church has changed a great deal in the past, and Bass reminds us of our culture and the changes that are happening today. Can the church today really be judged by holding it up to the past? How do we “do” church today, in a world that is much different from our parents and grandparents?
Please join us to be inspired by a wonderful theologian, and great conversation among community. Treats will be provided, but we suggest you come early for the treats, so we can honor your time by starting at 8:45am.  
“Diana Butler Bass is a great “awakener” among us. She refers to two “awakenings,” a spiritual newness that comes from beyond us, and a sociological recognition of our new social circumstance. More than that, Bass brings her vocation of awakening to concrete practice in ways that make a difference to real people. No more slumbering!”
--Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary
~ Eldonna Hazen

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