Elbow Events

What are elbow events? And why would I want to do one? Elbow events are a way to connect your friends outside the church with your friends from the church. Elbow events are planned by individuals. For example, I ask a church friend of mine to go bowling, golfing, to a movie, or some event both of us enjoy. Then each one of us invites a friend that is NOT a member of the church (and preferably is not a member of another church). All of us then enjoy this activity together. The hope of an elbow event is to introduce people we would invite to our church to get to know other people in the church in a non-threatening environment. Plus, once I know someone else in the church, other than my friend, I might feel more comfortable showing up on a Sunday morning. Membership Renewal would like the members of First Congregational to start trying Elbow Events. If you plan an event, please let Chris Schoenwetter know that you have tried it, and what the outcome of the event was. 1) Did you have fun?  2)Did the non-church people get to know another member of the congregation? 3)Are you more comfortable inviting your friends to come to church? 4)Have any of the non-church people come to church?


Posted on May 6, 2014 at 10:11 am in Featured.

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