Who and Where is Jesus?

Loving God, we live in a land of winter. Not the winter of the seasons, but the bleak

winter of a life lived far from You.  Easter was so long ago. It has been hard to hold on to the

joy of Resurrection in the constant clamor and chatter of a dark world that can only

be illuminated by having more, having it now, having it loud, boisterous, colorful, unsatisfying.

What we truly need is Your light to shine bright among us once more. Remind us again how

You came to live among us, to share our humanity and to show us how to truly live a life in

Your love.  Come, O God, again to be among us. Your people wait in hope.

LL Kroouze DuBreuil


Only two months ago we celebrated the birth of Jesus. We were in a feverish season of preparing for and living through, Advent. And now, here we are, preparing for and living in the season of Lent. It seems we have hardly had an opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth, and soon we will experience the thing feared by all of us—death. 

It seems appropriate for us to focus on the time Jesus spent in human form. It’s not that we don’t talk about Jesus throughout the church year, we do. But during this Lenten season, the staff would like to take the time to talk about the many and various roles that Jesus played during his active ministry on earth.  Each Sunday, we will spend time focusing on specific ways that Jesus entered the lives of ordinary people like us. 

Jesus didn’t enter this world in a splashy, posh home. Jesus entered in humility. And Jesus didn’t leave this world in a gold casket, carried by elite soldiers and a ceremony that today would be shown on all of the networks. Jesus left in humility. So between entering and exiting this world in humility, what did his ministry look like? Where did he go? Who did he touch? What are the many different labels that could be attributed to his ministry? 

We hope to explore different ministries from the Gospel of John so we might have a better understanding of where Jesus spent his time, or who he spent his time with. Also, as part of Lent, Lenten vespers will be offered, focusing on the human-ness of Jesus - his suffering and pain. A special Lenten Family Devotional Quest related to this theme will be offered as well. Please join us on the path of Jesus’ ministry. Ask questions with us, struggle with us and most of all, join us in getting to know Jesus in new and unique ways.


March 9  –  John 2:13-23  (Chases the sellers out of the temple, turns the tables over)

March 16 – John 4:46-53 (Heals the official’s son)

March 23 – John 8:1-11  (Accusations against the woman as an adulterer)

March 30 – John 5:1-9  (Heals a man diseased for 38 years)

April 6 – John 8:12-20  (Jesus claim to be the Light of the World)

April 13 – John 12:12-18  Palm Sunday (The Seven Last Words by Charles Gounod)

April 20 – John 20:1-18  Easter


~ Eldonna Hazen


Posted on March 4, 2014 at 1:15 pm in Featured Content.

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