Children's Summer Musical

Thanks go out to the cast and crew of the Summer Children’s Musical All In The Same Boat! The children offered a twist on the familiar story of Noah’s Ark by telling it from the animals’ perspective.

Cast: Nyla Benton, Nana Kofi Brewoo, Noah Hadfield, Ruby Kotlareck, Spencer Noth Hazen, Ellis Ringle, Lily Sager, Katie Shaw, Sophie Shaw, James Tishler, Mina Yildiz, Max Veit, Merlie Veit. Noah was played by Ellsworth Brown.

Crew: Henry Flogel, Holden Ringle, Paul Lorentz, Stage Manager: Kristin Kanitz

Snack Moms: Jodi Shaw, Susan Veit

Costumes: Susan Heneman


Posted on July 1, 2014 at 10:27 am in Featured.

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