Where do we go NOW?

Where do we go NOW?

Reach and Renew Campaign


These are exciting times for First Congregational. We are now half-way through our Reach and Renew Campaign. We have already been able to accomplish many projects/programs that would not have been possible without the R&R Campaign. We have a new heating system throughout the building. We have air conditioning in the Sanctuary. We have started painting the exterior of the building. The Youth Room has been given a face-lift, and Membership Renewal has been working hard to keep people engaged in the life of the church.

We have spent and allocated about $1.5 million of the $2.2 raised in the campaign so we have approximately $700,000 remaining to be allocated to projects. The Executive Council will recommend allocations at a Congregational Meeting to be held on Sunday, September 28, 2014, following worship.

The Executive Council invites you to complete a two-part survey to help us make the final recommendations. Part I of the survey allows you to rate the degree of your support for each of the proposed projects. Note:  extensive descriptions of these project proposals, including presentations and, in some cases, drawings, are available on the Reach & Renew page of our website. http://www.firstcongmadison.org/content/capital-campaign.

Recognizing that the remaining dollars are not enough to do every one of the proposed projects, Part II of the survey gives you an opportunity to tell us how you would allocate the remaining $700,000. This is not to say that one or more of these projects will be cut, but instead that we will seek sources other than Reach and Renew for the funding.

We encourage you to complete the survey online https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2CPZ8SP or complete a hard copy of this survey (attached) and return it to the Church office by September 5, 2014.


Thank you for your time and faithful support.

Because of YOUR generosity, great things have, and will continue to happen!


Our Reach and Renew dollars are already at work with the installation our new boiler and air conditioning

as well as the painting of the church steeple and balustrade.


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