Around the Table

“ a communion, and any meal worth attending by yourself is improved by the multiples of those with whom it is shared.”

~ Jesse Browner


I grew up in a church tradition that taught that there are two official sacraments in the church: Baptism and Holy Communion. I will always remember the phrase from my confirmation class:  “Sacraments are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace.”

We use ordinary elements – water, bread, juice – but when the prayerful words are spoken over them, they become something holy for us. We believe that there is an “inward transformation” when we participate in the Sacraments. We are connected with Christ in this memorial meal in ways that nourish our soul and feed us to act in the world for service and justice.

We do not participate in the Sacraments in isolation. The vows of baptism are most often taken in the presence and support of community. We share the meal of bread and juice around the communion table with others.

There are also many other sacred moments of communion in our life and many of those happen around food. When I am visiting with families in preparation for a funeral, the stories they tell me often focus around the table in the family home and meals they shared together.

Sharing food and fellowship is one way we experience “communion” in our daily life. We eat, get to know one another, and our lives are shared in new ways. Our bodies, souls, and relationships are all fed.

This fall at First Congo we will have opportunities to gather “Around the Table” for food and fellowship. These will be ONE TIME small group gatherings of 6-12 people for food and fellowship.  The host will choose the date, where to have the gathering, and what kind of food it will be.  I’ve already heard some of the hosts considering wine and cheese, soup and a movie, dinner using fresh garden goodies, and other unique opportunities to gather around food.

We are still looking for a few hosts and soon you will see publicity about how to sign up to join one of the gatherings. If you would like more information about hosting, please contact me:



Ann Beaty


Posted on August 26, 2014 at 10:29 am in Featured Content.

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