13 teams of Youth from 10 Madison area churches filled the First Cong dining room for the 9th annual running of the Amazing gRace this past Sunday. 85 youth, and adult chaperones completed challenges and followed clues around the church and city on a quest to complete the race first. Prize money will be sent to chosen charities of the top two placing teams. First Cong had two teams competing, one for 7th and 8th graders, and one for High Schoolers. The High School team came in first place and will hold the traveling trophy for the year. The charity they played for was the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). The second place team was from Madison Christian Community, who played for the Homeless Teen Backpack Project.

The intent of this event is for Youth to learn to work together, build community, have a great time for a great cause, and have a bunch of fun in the process.

Here is a list of the Churches that Participated:

Lake Edge UCC, Westminster Presbyterian, Salem UCC in Verona, First Baptist Church, Mt. Zion Baptist, Lutheran Church of the Living Christ (2 teams), St Bernard Parish, Madison Christian Community (2 teams), First Congregational UCC (2 teams)

This year’s gRace theme was the 10 Plagues. Each challenge was linked to a plague.

1) BLOOD Teams took a blood test. Answered ten questions on blood, in the Dining Room.

2) CATTLE Pick up Clorox Wipes at the Stock Pavilion across Campus Drive.

3) HAIL Two team mates had to carry 10 ice cubes around the church building.

4) DARKNESS One team member had 30 seconds to remember 10 items in a darkened Youth Room.

5) BOILS One team member purchased an item beginning with B at Walgreens.

6) LOCUSTS Team members had to eat Crickets in the Target parking lot.

7) FIRST BORN 2 team members built a small house out of matzo in a Sunday School room.

8) FROGS Team had a choice to either toss plastic frogs into a can or eat frog legs. (most chose legs).

9) FLYS/GNATS Sing “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” at Plymouth UCC on Atwood.

10) Service Stop Teams dropped off Clorox Wipes at the Women’s Shelter on East Wash.

11) Final Puzzle Teams then needed to complete a final puzzle.

A small army of volunteers is required to make this event come together. Thanks go out to the following:

Team Drivers/Chaperones: Kim Fisher, Linda Ketcham, Ann Beaty, Eldonna Hazen

Challenge Hosts: Cathy Noth, Carly & Aiden Noth-Hazen, Jeanne Marshall, Kristin Kanitz, Pam Asquith, Tom Pugh, Elizabeth Armstrong, Nancy Payne, Jill Larson, Doug Beachy, Marty Simonson, Donald DeBruin, Diana & Ron Shaw, Paul Lorentz, Mari McCarty, Anne, Paul and Rachel Karch.

Dining Room Assistants: Margaret Strass, Annette Ellstrom, James Candler

Photography: Chris Schoenwetter.

~ Jeff Rabe


Posted on April 8, 2014 at 9:55 am in Featured Content.

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