Because of your Generosity...

As we approach our Annual Meeting, it is important to reflect on the work of the many boards of the church. We will vote and install leadership of the church this coming Sunday. Some of our board members have completed the maximum number of terms on their given board, others have chosen to re-focus their energies and still others have chosen to join a different board. Whatever position our members are in at this point, I want to recognize the time that has been given by each of our members, whether staying for another term or finishing a term.

When the nominating committee starts recruiting for the different leadership roles, its hope is to “sell” the role at its best. We (me included), tend to minimize the amount of time or responsibility we are asking our members to commit in their positions. In truth, we know they will need to attend a set number of meetings and help with different projects of the board/committee. But we never know how much satisfaction a person will find in the position and commit to even more responsibilities. 

We have had a great group of individuals providing leadership over the last year. They have accepted their responsibilities and served with dedication and pride. We know they have attended monthly meetings, but their dedication goes far beyond sitting in a meeting. These individuals are evangelists for our church. They plan activities, they speak of their church in the community, they are enthusiastically open to new ideas and willing to implement them and they are constantly looking for ways to make the church more accessible to our members and the wider community. They have re-arranged schedules, given up social appointments, balanced family with church and done it with a smile. We know, as a congregation, that time, money and energy has been invested in the work you have done. 

I hope too, that each board member has gotten to know someone else on their board a little better than they did before. I hope they have come not only to understand, but be aware of, the ups and downs of others on the board. The gifts you have given to the board are priceless. Although thanks doesn’t seem to cover our gratitude, please know your service has been noticed and appreciated. Thank you for your commitment to the work of First Congregational UCC. 

Those leaving their leadership role include:

Tom Rickner, Moderator

Rich Fluechtling, Treasurer

Phil Certain, At-large, Executive Council

Annette Ellstrom, At-large, Executive Council

Jessica Taft, Deacons rep to Executive Council

Marsha Hall, Nominating Committee

Diana Shaw, Deacons

Don Last, Deacons

Vicki Teal, Deacons

Anne Karch, Community Life

Tom Pugh, Community Life

Gloria Green, Community Life

Katrina Dwinell, Outreach

Mike Green, Property

~ Eldonna Hazen


Posted on April 29, 2014 at 10:37 am in Featured Content.

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