What's the "big deal" about the Installation?

Sunday, October 6th at 3:00pm we are all invited to participate in an Installation service affirming the commitment we made together in the call process in January. What is the big deal? Well the “big deal” is that we: myself, the congregation and the association have chosen to come together and make verbal (out loud) commitments and covenants to each other. Yes, the paperwork was done months ago, the contracts were signed, and the work began. But it is important that we all come together, look each other in the eyes, and solidify the previous agreements, and then CELEBRATE! 

The Manual on Ministry of the United Church of Christ defines installation as “the liturgical celebration of the covenantal relationship among an ordained minister or commissioned minister, the local church or calling body where the person is engaged in ministry, the local church where the person is a member if different from the one being served, and the Association."

This specific liturgical celebration on October 6th has been designed to celebrate First Congregational’s rich history of social justice, to remind us of where we have been and then send us out with strength and enthusiasm to continue making a difference in the world! First Congregational has a bright future with many possibilities available and waiting for implementation. 

Come! Come to celebrate! Come to hear your voice among the many other voices of First Congregational! Come to hear the support given by the Southwest Association. Come to be with friends. Come to hear the music! Come because there are treats afterwards. Come to hear our former Interim Senior/Associate Minister Doug Moore preach.

Come because it will be inspiring, fun and filled with blessings. I plan to be there, I hope you do too! Childcare will be provided.


~ Eldonna Hazen


Posted on September 24, 2013 at 10:11 am in Featured Content.

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