Thanks Giving

The Thanksgiving holiday has become a time of thankfulness for each of us. It is a long held tradition of giving thanks for the harvest, for the bounty. Many people, who are active with social media, take the thirty days of November to post something daily that they are thankful for. It is so wonderful for all of us to take time to think about and even list the blessings in our lives. I would consider this to be thoughtful, as we read in the quote above. 

But, what if we let this quote nudge us a bit more? What if we contacted the people who made our blessings possible and thanked them? We don’t really believe that we just “fell into” our blessings, do we? Aren’t there people who have helped make our blessings possible? What if we just took time to give them a call, write them a note? If we actually “acted” on our thankfulness, this would really show our gratitude!

Well, since we’re going to show gratitude, let’s go even one step farther. Let’s give from our blessings to someone else. Thanksgiving was intentionally separated at the top of the page. This holiday should not just be a day of GIVING THANKS. This should be the time that we give thanks, but also find a way to give to others. The free Thanksgiving Day meal served by this church, with the help of many non-members, is a perfect example of how our giving thanks for our own blessings can move us to give to others.

Yes, this week is Thanksgiving. We will all give thanks and give to others. Now, how can we challenge ourselves to celebrate Thanksgiving more than ONE day of the year?


~ Eldonna Hazen


Posted on November 26, 2013 at 11:16 am in Featured Content.

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