Interim Associate Pastor Search Committee

The Interim Associate Pastor Search Committee has been working diligently for many months. They have reviewed profiles, interviewed candidates, and even made an offer (the candidate decided that the commitment of time was too great) but have reached a point where they are essentially starting over. In the face of this challenge and the burdens put on Eldonna by the lack of help, some members of the Church Council asked if we should skip the interim step and go straight to the search for a permanent Associate Pastor. The Council discussed this option with Eldonna and, consistent with her view, decided that we are not yet ready to search for and call an Associate Pastor because we do not know what work we will want the Associate to perform. We need a period of time working with some additional pastoral support to learn what we need. After further discussion of possible paths forward, the Council decided we would be better off using a more flexible job definition, recruiting and hiring process, for both pastoral and administrative support for Eldonna until we are ready to define the job of and search for a new Associate. The Council therefore authorized Eldonna to locate and engage one or more people to provide limited term part time pastoral and administrative support for the next year at a total cost to the Church of no more than what would be the cost of a half time associate pastor. Eldonna has begun to look. The members of the interim search committee all remain ready and willing to serve when the search is resumed. We thank them for their continuing work for our Church. 

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 11:19 am in Featured.

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