Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting

Every year the Wisconsin Conference plans and executes the Annual Meeting. We are always invited to attend the conference, to reconnect with friends, experience the wider church in Wisconsin and attend workshops intended to reinvigorate, expand, or support our church’s worship and ministries. The conference also offers multiple worship experiences that have had months of preparation, with varied leadership and focus. This year the Conference will also involve three celebrations: the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Wisconsin Conference, the retirement of Associate Conference Minister, The Rev. Art Wille, and the retirement of the Conference Minister, The Rev. David Moyer.

The program for the Annual Meeting will be provided by musical-theological friends from SHIFT:  Bryan Sirchio, Christopher Grundy, Andra Moran and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan. The program will focus on worship renewal. Other workshops offered include: The Best of both Worlds – Blended Worship, Evangelism for Today’s Church, God is an Artist and You Can Too!, The Labryinth, A Psalm Spirituality of Music and Adventure, to name a few. Also, our very own Director of Music Ministries, Don DeBruin, will be presenting a workshop on copyright. Janet Pugh has been a regular attendee at the Annual Meeting. Don and Janet have shared their ideas and thoughts regarding the Annual Meeting:


Did you like the new hymn, Gather Us In, we sang during worship Sunday morning? Sue Jones, our past Moderator, heard that hymn at a conference she attended and wanted to sing it on Moderator Sunday. Printing and placing it in our bulletins legally involved a process of finding out who the copyright holder is, contacting them, and paying for a license to reproduce the hymn. That’s why at the bottom of copies there was a statement reading “Reprinted under OneLicense.net…” Those reprint notices are to assure that we are in compliance with U.S. laws regarding copyright, and have paid the appropriate fee(s).

Copyright is a complex issue that involves the church in many ways, not just in reprinting hymns and other musical selections for worship. It also involves our website, and all printed materials that we produce. Though mainly geared to the church musician, I will moderate a discussion on issues regarding copyright raised by the workshop participants. For instance, if we wanted to stream our entire worship service on the web each Sunday, we would need copyright permission for each and every piece of music, including the hymns and the anthem, and for every prayer and reading taken from another source.                                                           ~Don DeBruin

I've been going to WCUCC annual meetings so long it just appears on my calendar. What keeps me going back? Sometimes my local church feels just like that....local. And that is good, but it is also great to feel like my church and I are part of a larger church, one of many churches working in ministry. Talking with other people lets me know that the challenges we face are not just ours and that other churches have figured out how to handle whatever that challenge is. And sometimes I have found that we are the church that has created ministry that is a struggle for other churches....when women were first moving into decision-making roles in the church or, today, the Prison Ministry Project. We send a significant portion of our annual budget for the work of the Wisconsin Conference and the national United Church of Christ; participation in the life of the Wisconsin Conference helps make me realize how the dollars turn into ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.                                 

    ~Janet Pugh


I hope we have piqued your interest! Check your calendar, and see if you might be able to attend the 2013 Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting. You can register online at www.wcucc.org/annualmeeting.


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