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My last day at FCUCC (now that I figured out what those letters mean!) is April 14th. Judy and I will close the day by heading east to our home in Sharon, Vermont. The desire to get back to our house and garden, our dog Lily and the surrounding woods is quite strong. April is the time to be in Vermont if one is to plant and prepare the land. The rocks that grow in the garden over the winter need to be hauled up and out. 

I know I could remain longer, and I am grateful for that invitation. I also know that it is time for me to leave. This is not only because the lease on our Madison home ended on Easter Sunday or that we now have a place to return to in Vermont. It is time because, in large measure, the work of an interim is done. You have a new Senior Minister in place. You have a Pastor in place and for that you are truly blessed. I cannot imagine there is a more committed, courageous, compassionate and caring pastor than the one you have called. Eldonna knows you and this church extremely well. For seven years she has ministered to you, the church, and the community and she remains excited about you, the church, and the community. How blessed you are. Working and worshipping together there is nothing you cannot accomplish to make God’s will a reality in this time and place.

My other areas of responsibility are also coming to a close. With help from the entire staff, there are now new position descriptions in place. There is also a new review process that will gather input from each staff member, the Senior Minister, the Boards that work with the staff, and you, the congregation. I hope that you and the staff will find this process to be informative and affirmative of the work being done at FCUCC. Thanks to the staff, Rich Fluechtling and Bob Lenburg, the church has an updated (dare I say “cutting edge”?) Employee Handbook. Though not the most glamorous project, the Handbook will prove extremely helpful over time. 

From where I stand, the next big project for FCUCC is to find and call your next great Associate Minister.  Knowing how attractive your church is, I am sure that person will be quickly found. There has been talk about whether FCUCC needs or can afford a full time Associate Minister. The answer is clear to me: FCUCC needs a full time Associate Minister and cannot afford not to have a full time Associate Minister. To go without or to struggle along with a part-time associate would not be fair to Rev. Hazen or to the church. Now is the time to take off, not to hold back. 

The primary reason I came to FCUCC (before I knew how wonderful you all are) was to experience a church engaged in so many UCC hallmark endeavors: Open and Affirming, support of the wider church, seeking diversity, prison ministry, and local and global missions to mention a few. I can now say that to be part of such a church is inspiring. Your church is strong and it is good. Your church is loving and helpful, open and caring.  There is excitement and energy here that bodes well for the future. There is a vibrant core, growing larger all the time, who believe that through this church, your lives and the lives of many more will be transformed. I can imagine nothing more important for the life of a church.

Judy and I thank you for our time in the church and in Madison. You have blessed us and we are grateful.

Yours in Christ,

~ Doug Moore


Please plan on joining us after worship on April 14 to bid farewell to Doug and Judy Moore.


Posted on April 2, 2013 at 1:18 pm in Featured Content.

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