Mission 4/1 Earth The Importance of Advocacy

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 11:00am - Sunday, May 19, 2013 - 10:00am


One aspect of the Mission 4/1 effort is for us to work to influence change on those issues that require more than a personal effort to effect change. Our representative democratic system requires that the electorate be aware of the issues affecting us and then ensuring that our elected officials are aware of our concerns. This, among the many activities that we are doing during Mission 4/1, is the place where our focus can bring about the largest change. Whether you are most concerned about the Wisconsin issues of sustainable farming or mining in northern Wisconsin or more focused on global issues of clean water, climate change, and tropical deforestation, consider taking time during Mission 4/1 to let your elected officials know your concerns and encourage others to do the same.

ONE UNITED CHURCH on a shared resurrection witness for Planet Earth during 50 great days of greening up, powering down, and shouting out by

1. Engaging in 1 million hours of earth care activities

2. Planting 100,000 trees

3. Writing 100,000 advocacy letters.

Reporting your Activities To help the UCC national effort to reach the goal of 1 million hours and 100 thousand tress and letters, we need everyone to report what you are doing in these areas. Count up your hours, if you ride your bike or walk to work/school; if you shop at the Farmer’s Market; if you pull garlic mustard or other invasive species; if you…. You get the picture! There are Time Cards in the pews in the sanctuary and in the back of the church.


Upcoming Mission 4/1 Activities

Wisconsin Frog &Toad Survey – May 16, 8 pm.  Orchid Heights Park Shelter, Middleton.  RSVP to Melissa Baumann, by 5/12.

Sustainable Travel to Worship –Record your trips on our Mural in the back of the Sanctuary.

Mission 4/1 Mural – Help us create a Mural of ways in which we practice sustainability.


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