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August 2-5, First Congregational had a team of 11 riders (Team Comma) who rode to benefit Aids Network, a non-profit agency serving people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. We also hosted a pit-stop along the route on Friday. Below are responses from the riders and pit-stop host about their experiences. Some of you will remember, Aids Network once called 303 Lathrop its office, a property owned by the church. We are grateful for the response of friends, family and the congregation who supported this event. ~Eldonna Hazen, Rider #106


Thank you for your financial and spiritual support of Team Comma that enabled us to be ambassadors of faith and justice proving with our sweat, tears, sore muscles, smiles and hugs that First Congo is a Christian community that genuinely embraces all of God's Children. ~Pam Asquith


The love and support that I received from friends, family and, in many cases, complete strangers during my ACT Ride experience was truly moving, and renewed my faith in a Madison community that I already adore. It was a great ride, with great people, for a great cause--and I had a great time.  Thanks!  ~Alex Dunn


I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly, open, honest, and courageous group of riders. I wasn’t aware of what I was getting myself into when Alex talked me into volunteering, but it was a wonderful surprise and I can’t wait for next year!                                                                                                                              ~Jacob Kelley


On Day Two, when the heat and fatigue were at their zenith, I could hear a rush of cheers wash over the valley. Those uplifting echoes made each pedal stroke that much easier. And when we rounded the bend, high on the hill there was a row of red- cheering, whistling, clapping. We were all riding for a cause, while being buoyed by the kindness of others - the First Congo Pit Stop embodied the ACT 10 ride for me. God is still speaking, pedal on. ~ Kristin Kanitz, Rider #85


The greatest thing about the ride was the people. Every day, when you're struggling to get off your air mattress, you're greeted by the most friendly and chipper people you’ll ever meet. Their positive energy inspired me to get up the mountains outside of Argyle. Everyone was incredible and I can't wait to ride with them again! ~Austen Wygocki, Rider #84


A few observations: First, people with HIV/AIDS still struggle with the fear and stigma that the infection brings, despite what is now known about infection and great improvements in treatment, however those same people will pour love out to those who accept and support them. And finally, it takes the whole team (riders and support) to get everyone to camp at the end of the day. If you have a chance to participate as a rider, a crew member, or “day” crew member, please take the chance. It will be an experience you will never forget, and you will be doing something good for people who are so often forgotten in our society. ~Melissa Baumann


As I look back on my incredible experience on the ride this year there is one very expressive word that describes it all: AMAZING. First and foremost our amazing God who created such a gorgeous country side that inspired me to climb "just one more hill", First Cong for their amazing support, the riders who were relentless in their efforts and encouragements, and all of the ACT ride staff that poured out their heart and soul for us riders to have a safe and meaningful ride. Amazing to know that for a moment (4 days) we came together for the same cause and are that much closer to fighting and supporting HIV/Aids. Go Riders! ~Cathy Noth Rider # 102 


Sharing my favorite event of the summer with 6 new riders provided new inspiration. Amazing team spirit and can-do attitude. For my ninth ride it was special just to be able to enjoy the experience with my daughter again, even though my pace was much slower. ACT 10 was once again the best four days of the year. ~Jeanne Marshall


I was honored to be asked to coordinate the Pit Stop for the church. So many folks here stepped up and offered food, pickles, and their time and energy. I loved every minute of the planning, decorating the stop with the church banner and balloons, and seeing the kids’ (and adults’) excitement as the first riders came up the long road to the stop. I am so proud of our church's increasing involvement in this cause that is close to my heart. I am already looking forward to next year.... ~Kim Fisher, Pit-Stop Organizer


ACT 10 was my fifth AIDS Ride, and what made it especially wonderful this year was being part of such an enthusiastic Team Comma. Together we endured heat and hills on training rides, shared biking tips and fundraising talents, and supported each other in many ways over the four day ride. Our Team was part of an amazing moving community of riders and crew, together raising funds to support HIV/AIDS prevention and care in south central Wisconsin. Join us for ACT 11! ~Sue Jones


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