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The Tower: April 30, 2017

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week.

The Tower: April 23, 2017

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week. 

News: Holy Week

The events of Holy Week are the cornerstone of our Christian beliefs. The events are both horrific and promise hope for each of us, and for the world we live in today. Please join us for the services of Holy Week listed below. How might we be moved by the path of Jesus?

News: Next Stop: Jerusalem! Are we ready to enter?

Faith in action is love, and love in action is service. By transforming that faith into living acts of love,
we put ourselves in contact with God Himself, with Jesus our Lord.
~ Mother Teresa
We are just days away from Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week. We will begin the week with Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, followed by days that will bring pain, both emotionally and physically, to Jesus and his followers. In our travels with Jesus during this Lenten season, we witnessed his baptism, including him hearing God's blessing. We also eavesdropped on his first sermon to the disciples, telling them what his ministry would look like and what he expects of his followers. His expectations should be a mirror of his own ministry.  Jesus' ministry included mourning with people, being humble, working hard for justice, showing mercy, having a pure heart, working for peace, and enduring pain for doing what is right. We also have witnessed his presence with people who have been marginalized. Jesus goes out of his way to engage with people who are beyond what we would call his "inner circle."


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