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The Tower: April 9, 2017

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week, Palm Sunday.

News: Construction Zone Ahead! Please Read!

Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts. Buildings are witnesses to the human ability to construct concrete things. I believe that the real core of all architectural work lies in the act of construction.
At the point in time concrete materials are assembled and erected, the architecture we have been looking for becomes part of the real world. 
~ Peter Zumthor
We have been talking about the renovation on the west side of the building for a very long time. Plans have been drawn and re-drawn. Bids have been submitted by contractors, and approved by the Executive Council. Over three years of work has been done by our Renovation Committee. And now . . . THE WORK HAS BEGUN! 
Many changes will need to be made by members of the congregation and outside groups who use our space. Please read the following updates about entry for all activities happening in the building:

The Tower: April 2, 2017

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week.

News: One Great Hour of Sharing

Paul's letters remind us as members of the church, we are so closely connected, we can think of ourselves as parts of one body, as a family-brothers and sisters. Our church lives this out when someone is ill, mourning, or facing a crisis. We show up. We show that love in tangible ways, with casseroles and cards, hugs, and spoken words of prayer. These acts of kindness let our brothers and sisters in Christ know that we are present with them. They know that they are not forgotten in their times of trouble. 


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