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The Tower: November 6, 2011

There's a lot of youth information in this week's edition, including some pictures from the Sunday School kids' costume party. 

News: All Saints Day

All Saints Day has a long history in the Christian Church. In the early church, Christians would celebrate a martyr’s death for Christ, and this was known as the Saint’s “birth day.” In some cases, there was an all-night vigil, and the communion was celebrated over the tomb of the saint, or at the place of the saint’s martyrdom.  During the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletion (284-305), there was a general persecution of Christians throughout the Roman Empire. Estimates are that more than 3000 were killed and others tortured and/or jailed because of their refusal to deny their faith. It was during this time that the idea was developed to have a single day in the church each year when those who had been martyred for their faith would be remembered. In the western church (Roman Catholic and then Protestant), November 1 ended up being the day when all the saints of the church (Christians who had died) were remembered and commemorated.

The Tower: October 30, 2011

This edition contains the November calendar, and Thanksgiving info already!

News: Liturgical Art for Easter

A pastor friend of mine went on sabbatical a few years ago, and during that time he studied worship and spirituality. When he came back from sabbatical, he made the comment that returning to regular UCC worship at his church was difficult at the beginning. “There are so many words,” he said.  “We need more silence. We need other ways to connect with the Divine.”

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