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The Tower: March 18, 2012

This week's edition includes more details about this coming Sunday's "One Great Hour of Sharing" offering, a Moment brought to you by the Board of Outreach, and an update from the Reach and Renew Campaign Committee.

News: Fasting

​For the past 7 months, I have been participating in a weight management program through the Dean Clinics. It is not really fasting, but it is very low calorie and there was very little normal food involved. My main reason was not religious, but health-related. I have learned several things not specifically health-related through this program; and several of those were highlighted in an article I read in the Christian Reformed Church journal "Perspectives." It is entitled "Why Fast: Ten Contentious Reasons"...

The Tower: March 11, 2012

Inside this week's edition you will find an Easter Flower order form for the last time, an update on the Liturgical Art project and the date of the Church Camping Trip for this summer.

News: Is Jesus the Messiah of Judaism?

The title of this article, “Is Jesus the Messiah of Judaism?” is also the title of the fourth of the four classes in our Gathering sessions this year. That class will be held on Wednesday, March 21, at 6:20. (The Gathering classes begin/began this week, February 29, and then continue on March 7, March 14, and end on March 21.)  Whether Jesus is the Messiah of Judaism is, in one sense, a question of history. In Jesus’ time, what were the expectations Jewish people had of a Messiah: from their Bible (roughly our Old Testament) and their interpretation of it? Did Jesus fulfill those expectations? Did he, or his followers, re-define them? If so, how? We will deal with those questions in that class.



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