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News: Play is a sign of God's nearness, a mark of fulfilled time.

It's hard for me to believe that summer is right around the corner. But, the calendar will soon turn over to June and the kids will be out of school. Let's play! One source defines play as: "Engaging in activity for enjoyment and recreation, rather than a serious or practical purpose." Play, in the context of the above definition, can be anything that gives us relief from the everyday habits that we get caught up in. This is not to diminish in any way that there are serious issues in our lives and in our world. But, play is a gift from God and one that we sometimes forget as adults. A little "play" can energize us to do the serious work we need to do. At one of the prayer practice check-in sessions, a comment was made that sometimes maybe God is calling us to "lighten it up" a little bit. I translate this to mean these possibilities: Change the pace. Do something for enjoyment. Be spontaneous. Step out of the regular routine. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Engage in an activity that feels freeing. 

The Tower: May 29, 2016

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News: Four to be Confirmed Sunday

Sunday, May 22nd we will celebrate the rite of Confirmation for four youth at First Congregational. These four students have explored the Bible with Director of Children and Youth, Jeff Rabe. They have experienced exile, parables, studied the Trinity, and the variety of ways we minister in the world today. After their studies, students make a choice to be confirmed into full membership of the church. In addition to their weekly homework, the students write a statement of faith and adorn a stole using symbols of the church. 

The Tower: May 22, 2016

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week. To get this sent directly to your inbox every Tuesday, contact Jill at the office,


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