Hymn #84: This Is the Day

Leslie Norman Garrett (b. 1943) paraphrased Psalm 118:24 for the first stanza of this hymn, which is a traditional opening sentence for worship.  The other two stanzas, which are anonymous, reflect on the events celebrated in two major Christian festivals, Easter and Pentecost.

Les Garrett served as pastor of the Christian Family Center in Maddington, Western Australia.  He is the author of two published books, Which Bible Can We Trust? and Best of All, God Is with Us, as well as a 1967 hymnbook, Scripture in Song.

Les Garrett composed this tune, called THIS IS THE DAY, to accompany his paraphrase of Psalm 118.  The hymn is effective when sung antiphonally, with one group starting and another echoing the phrases.  All join together in singing the last eight measures.

Les Garrett was born on July 15, 1943, at Matamata, North Island, New Zealand, and received his formal education at Word of Faith Bible School.  He has lectured at Hebron Bible College and traveled the world speaking at conventions and church gatherings.