Hymn #577: God the Omnipotent!

Henry Fothergill Chorley (1808-1872) wrote the first two stanzas of this hymn in 1842 as part of a text entitled "In Time of War."  John Ellerton (1826-1893) wrote the last two stanzas in the style of Chorley's hymn nearly thirty years later, during the Franco-German War.  This composite version appeared in Church Hymns (1871) and has been used in this combination ever since then.


Henry F. Chorley, an English Quaker, was born December 15, 1808, in Lancashire, England.  He became a music and literary critic and wrote many librettos for English operas.  Chorley died suddenly in London, England, on February 16, 1872.

Alexis Feodorovich Lvov (1798-1870) was commissioned in 1833 by Russian Emperor Nicholas I to write a new national hymn to replace the English tune that traditionally had been sung with Russian words.  The tune, RUSSIAN HYMN, appeared with this text in The Psaltery, a Mason and Webb collection.


Alexis F. Lvov was born at Reval, Estonia, on June 5, 1798, and trained for a musical career with his father, director of the imperial court chapel at St. Petersburg.  He succeeded his father in that post and became an acclaimed violinist, composer, and editor.  He died at Kovno, Lithuania, in 1870.