Hymn #534: O God of Strength

Shepherd Knapp (1873-1946) wrote this hymn for a meeting of the men's association at the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City, in 1907.  Knapp was serving the church as assistant pastor at the time.  The hymn is a reminder of the importance of obedience to God's call.


Shepherd Knapp was born September 8, 1873, and ordained to the Congregational ministry.  He was a descendant of Jonathan Edwards, the Puritan New England preacher.  Knapp served Central Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, for the last twenty-eight years of his ministry.

Alfred Scott-Gatty (1847-1918) composed WELWYN in 1902, and it was first published in part 4 of Arundel Hymns (1902).  That Roman Catholic collection was edited by the Duke of  Norfolk and Charles T. Gatty, the composer's uncle.


Alfred Scott-Gatty was born on April 26, 1847, at Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, England.  The son of a dean at York Cathedral, he was knighted in 1904 after being appointed Garter Principal King-of-Arms by the College of Heralds.  Scott-Gatty died in London, England, on December 18, 1918.