Hymn #529: Now Let Us All, in Hymns of Praise

Pred Pratt Green (1903-2000) wrote this text in 1982 as a reminder of the work the church on earth has to do.  Many recognize the church hymnal as being second in importance only to the Bible as a book of faith, and often Christians remember words of hymns more easily than scripture texts.

Fred Pratt Green wrote plays and poetry during his years as a Methodist minister in England.  These works were published in This Unlikely Earth (1952), The Skating Parson (1963), and The Odd Couple (1976).  His writing became even more prolific after his retirement.

Roy Hopp (b. 1951) composed this tune on May 21, 1990, and included it in The Roy Hopp Hymnary, a collection of thirty-five new hymn tunes for use with contemporary texts.  The tune is called OPEN DOOR from the concluding words of the second stanza.

Roy Hopp has used his musical talents not only as a composer but also as a conductor.  He holds degrees in choral conducting and composition and has worked as a director of music in Michigan.  Many of his hymn tunes have been included in recently published hymnal collections.