Hymn #527: We Offer Jesus

Brian Arthur Wren (b. 1936) was commissioned by St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Orangeburg, South Carolina, to write this hymn for its 150th anniversary, celbrated in 1986.  The second verse recalls John Wesley's conversion ("strangely warmed") and the Protestant Reformation.


Brian Wren included this hymn in his earliest collection, Bring Many Names (1989), with a tune by Hal Hopson, ORANGEBURG.  It is helpful to read and contemplate the text in order to fully appreciate its nessage and use of language.

David Evans (1874-1948) composed the melody CHARTERHOUSE for a text with which it appeared in Revised Church Hymnary (1927).  The name honors Charterhouse School, where Evans served as headmaster.  He composed it, perhaps as early as 1924, for use by the students at the school.


David Evans was a professor of music at University College, Cardiff, Wales, from 1930 until 1939.  Prior to that, he was editor of a Welsh music periodical and The Church Hymnary (1927), to which he contributed many lasting harmonizations and original tunes.