Hymn #521: In Solitude

Ruth C. Duck (b. 1947) felt as if these words came from deep within the collective unconscious of her evangelical roots in the southern United States.  Although an extremely personal statement, this text speaks of all Christians' deep yearning for spiritual contact with God.


Ruth Duck edited three collections of liturgical resources between 1980 and 1990: Bread for the Journey (1981), Flames of the Spirit (1985), and Touch Holiness (1990).  All of these resources for worship were published by the Pilgram Press of the United Church of Christ, now based in Cleveland, Ohio.

LAND OF REST has been traced to an 1836 appendix to The Christian Harp, which was a four-shape shape-note hymnbook compiled by Samuel Wakefield, a Methodist minister.  The tune appeared in numerous tunebooks of the nineteenth century in two-, three-, and four-part arrangements.


Annabel Morris Buchanan (1888-1983) collected tunes for her Folk Hymns of America (1938) and wrote a number of compositions based on some of them.  Buchanan donated her extensive collection of books, photos, recordings, and papers to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1978.