Hymn #312: We Love Your Realm, O God

Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) based this text on Psalm 137:5, 6.  He supplied thirty-three metrical versions of psalms that Isaac Watts had not versified in his famous psalter and published them in 1801 along with other texts.  This version is an adaptation made by Lavon Bayler in 1992.


Timothy Dwight, a grandson of Jonathan Edwards, assumed the presidency of Yale University in 1795.  A Congregational minister, he prepared a revision of Watts's Psalms of David for the Presbyterian Church, adding thirty-three of his own hymns; the revision came to be known as "Dwight's Watts."  This hymn is a paraphrase of Psalm 137 from the volume.

Aaron Williams (1731-1776) either composed this tune or included it from an anonymous source in his 1763 edition of The Universal Psalmist.  It was later abridged to this form and named ST. THOMAS in his subsequent collection of 1770, New Universal Psalmist.


Aaron Williams was born and died in London, England.  In his lifetime, he published a number of books of music for use in singing the psalms, the only acceptable texts fro us in worship during his lifetime.  In addition, he worked as a teacher and music engraver.