Hymn #249: Peace I Leave with You, My Friends

            Ray Repp (b. 1942) based the text of this hymn on Jesus’ words in John 14.  This lectionary text is the appointed Gospel reading for the sixth Sunday of Easter.  The hymn is also appropriate for the close of worship. “Shalom” in the Hebrew word for peace.

            Ray Repp’s music has been translated into twenty-eight languages and can be heard around the world.  He is the founder of K & R Music, Incorporated, located in Trumansburg, New York.  Repp continues to work at the music production company and lives in that vicinity.

           Ray Repp composed this tune to accompany his own words.  It has been named PEACE, MY FRIENDS, from the text’s title.  Use of guitar accompaniment for this hymn is appropriate.  It was newly arranged for congregational singing in The New Century Hymnal.

            Ray Repp has composed and recorded more than eleven albums of songs, including his Mass for Young Americans, written in 1965.  Much of his music is best accompanied by guitar.  Repp believes that music is an effective medium for encouraging a change in attitude or direction for Christians.