Hymn #242: The Strife Is O'er

The origin of this Latin hymn is unknown, although its earliest source is a 1695 Jesuit hymnbook from Cologne, Germany - Hymnodia Sacra.  John Mason Neale made an English translation for his Medieval Hymns and Sequences (1851), but the version by Francis Pott, which appears here, has been more widely used.

Francis Pott (1832) translated this Latin text in 1861 for his Hymns Fitted to the Order of Common Prayer.  An altered version of it appeared that same year in Hymns Ancient and Modern, for which Pott was a member of the committee.

Giovanni Perluigi Sante da Palestrina (1525-1594) composed the melody from which this tune was adapted for his "Magnificat Tertii Toni" (1591).  It was arranged for this text and entitled VICTORY by William Henry Monk for Hymns Ancient and Modern (1861).

Giovanni P. S. da Palestrina is believed to have been born in 1525 in Palestrina, Italy, and received his musical training in Rome.  Palestrina served six popes and set new musical standards for the church.  He died in Rome on February 2, 1594, and was buried in St. Peter's Cathedral there.