Hymn #208: God Loved the World

This text was translated into English by August Crull from an anonymous German hymn which appeared in Heiliges Lippen und Herzens Opfer, a 1778 hymnal from Stettin, Germany. The hymn is a paraphrase of John 3:16-17, one of the most frequently quoted scriptures

August Crull (1845-1923) was born in Rostock, Germany, but moved to the United States with his family after his father's death.  Crull completed his education, was ordained to the Lutheran ministry, and served as a pastor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This anonymous tune by an unknown composer originally was called TUNBRIDGE.  In 1790, Edward Miller (1731-1807) adapted it and named it ROCKINGHAM for the Marquis of Rockingham, a patron and friend who was also prime minister of Great Britain.

Edward Miller (1731-1807) worked for his father as a paver until he ran away to study music.  He became a flute player in G. F. Handel's orchestra and later organist at Doncaster (England) Parish Church.  Miller was also a harpsichordist.