Hymn #185: Savior, When in Tears and Dust

Robert Grant (1779-1838) wrote this text, which first appeared as a poem entitled "Litany" in the English magazine Christian Observer in 1815.  The text has been altered frequently by hymnal editors and was even translated into Latin in 1871 as "Quando genua flectentis."


Robert Grant, like his father, Charles, was an important English statesman, service as a member of Parliament, judge advocate, and governor to Indoa.  His hymns were collected and published by his older brother after Grant's death in India on July 9, 1838.

Benjamin Carr (1768-1831) published an arrangement for solo, quartet, and full chorus, based on an "Air from an Ancient Spanish Melody" in 1826.  A metrical version known as SPANISH HYMN was published by Montague Burgoyne the following year.  Despite its title, the tune has never actually been traced to Spain.


Benjamin Carr, born in England, was a music student of Samuel Arnold (publisher of Handel) and Charles Wesley.  After moving in Philadelphia in 1793, he opened one of the first music stores in the United States and published some early patriotic music, including "The Star-Spangled Banner."