Hymn #179: We Yearn, O Christ, for Wholeness

M. Dosia Carlson (b. 1930) was inspired to write this text after the respected minister Harold Wilke visited the Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix, Arizona. Wilke, born without arms, encourages churches to be barrier-free to persons with handicaps, through the work of his "Healing Community."


Dosia Carlson expresses her faith through writing hymns.  While preparing for ordination in the United Church of Christ in 1979, she used some of these hymn faith statements as part of her ordination presentation, and others encouraged her to make her words available through publication.

Hans Leo Hassler (156401612) wrote the tune PASSION CHORALE in 1601.  Originally it was named HERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGEN after the openings words of the German love song with which it appeared.  J.S. Bach harmonized the tune more than one hundred years later.


Hans Leo Hassler was born in 1564, the same year that marked the birth of William Shakespeare and the deaths of John Calvin and Michelangelo. Hassler was the leading composer of his time and was in demand among some of the most powerful and influential families in Germany.